sreda, 26. oktober 2016

Muna - Michel

This time a few words are in order...So meet Muna. She's a super cool friend that I got introduced through an also super cool friend Ina. Never really knew Muna could sing though. Lately she's been trying to pursue her dream of becoming a singer. When I heard her sing I was awesomly surprised. We met up in Barcelona. Ina and Muna came up with the idea of making a music video for her cover of Anouks song Michel. Due to our short stay and lack of equipment we decided to shoot just the intro for the song. In-between shooting clips I had to take some photos ofcourse. So here it is. All together some photos and the video clip. Thanks to both Ina and Muna for giving me the opportunity of being a part of their project! I hope you enjoy it!
And keep an eye out for this girl! =)